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Drifts of Amethyst


30cm x 30cm x 3cm

Drifts of Amethyst invites you to a tranquil world of ethereal beauty. Predominantly white, with hints of purple and pale gold, the swirling hues delicately intermingle like a dreamy dance. The textured surface adds depth, allowing eyes and fingertips to explore subtle nuances. Immerse yourself in this mesmerizing artwork, and be gently carried away on a calming journey amidst enchanting amethyst hues.

Drifts of Amethyst smallDrifts of Amethyst mid
Drifts of Amethyst boxed with gloves

Physical Boxed Original

Drifts of Amethyst angled

3D Digital twins metaverse and AR Ready

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"Drifts of Amethyst" original work was painted June 2023 by ArtistJodi in the United Kingdom

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