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Shoreline Impasto


30cm x 30cm x 3cm

An abstract view from above, showcasing a textured canvas, in hues of blue and sand. The impasto technique lends depth and dimension, capturing the essence of a serene shoreline. Each element echoes the ebb and flow of tides, inviting viewers to feel the rhythm of the sea. This captivating piece immerses us in the tranquil beauty of a coastal landscape, where the interplay of textures and colours creates a vivid portrayal of nature’s timeless allure.

Shoreline Impasto smallShoreline Impasto mid
Shoreline Impasto boxed with gloves

Physical Boxed Original

Shoreline Impasto angled

3D Digital twins metaverse and AR Ready

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"Shoreline Impasto" original work was painted June 2023 by ArtistJodi in the United Kingdom

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